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Advanced eco represents zumro in ohio, indiana, & kentucky


ZUMRO is America’s premier manufacturer of air inflatable shelters. With over thirty years of experience and nearly 10,000 shelter systems put into service, no other air-inflatable manufacturer can compare to our legacy of top-notch quality, great value and world-class service.

ZUMRO was founded in 1985 as a distributor of premium rescue lift bags that operated using “low-pressure, high-lift” technology. Our close interaction with First Responders introduced us to a new application for our technology: deployable shelter systems. We saw first-hand how existing response shelters were complicated, labor-intensive and time-consuming to deploy. ZUMRO knew the very same “low-pressure, high-lift” technology that revolutionized the rescue lift bag industry could also revolutionize the deployable shelter industry. With proprietary designs, materials and construction, the ZUMRO Shelter System emerged as the world leader in rapidly-deployable shelters. The exceptional durability, ease of use, and speed of deployment of the ZUMRO Shelter System differentiated it from any other shelter, making it the “Go-To” solution for hospitals, fire departments, and countless municipal, state and federal agencies.

Today, ZUMRO’s comprehensive catalog offers turn-key solutions for virtually any deployable shelter requirement, and we are continually identifying emerging requirements and developing new products to meet our customers’ needs. ZUMRO pioneered the inflatable shelter industry in the United States, and thirty years later ZUMRO continues to lead the industry. ZUMRO Shelter Systems are Fast, Simple and Proven.



Source : CBS New York (NYC)

Date: July 19, 2018 

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