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Emergency response products hazardous spill containment

Pipe plug plugs 

FOOTBALL & Golf ball leak plugs for hazmat teams

The Football Leak Plug is a football-shaped, polyurethane impregnated, water-activated foam plug used to temporarily stop the flow from a leak in anything from a pipe to a tanker, a railcar or even a boat! It is initially pliable to insert into a void and quickly expands and hardens to fill the void. It can even be applied below the water line!

The Golf Ball Leak Plug is the same material and mechanism but in a 1.5" Golf Ball size. These products are a small but mighty tool in the toolbox for emergency preparedness!

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Plug leaks in 3 easy steps

Remove Football or Golf Ball from package


Submerge in water for 5 seconds


Apply to hole - stop the leak!


Kit Contents: step-by-step instructions, protective gloves, football or golf ball plug

Benefits: Ready to use, simple application, effective, time-saving, no mixing, no mess, sets rock hard in minutes!

Typical applications: Spill containment for tanker trucks, pipe leaks, saddle tanks, marine thru-hull damage

Properties: Color: Foam-Yellow, Urethane-white; Cure time: 2 minutes at 75°F (24°C) ; Resin Type: Pre-impregnated; Application Temperature: 32°-160°F (0°-71°C); Football Size: 3.25" x 6"

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