ZUMRO is America’s premier manufacturer of air inflatable shelters. With over thirty years of experience and nearly 10,000 shelter systems put into service, no other air-inflatable manufacturer can compare to our legacy of top-notch quality, great value and world-class service.

The MAXAIR Systems brand is today’s innovative leader in respiratory protection, and is steadily establishing a path towards setting the new standard in airborne and contact contaminant protection.

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Hazard Control Technologies is dedicated to providing better solutions for fire departments and industry through Encapsulator Technology.  HCT chemical agents and equipment make difficult tasks safer, more efficient and more cost effective, including firefighting, spill control, coal handling in power plants, tank degassing and cleaning, soil washing and bioremediation.  

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FlowStop is a unique inflatable containment pipe plug designed with single and dual 2 inch flow through ports for servicing non-pressurized pipes. Flow-Stop is especially designed to handle flow control, containment, remediation, spill response, evacuation/flushing, and drain line maintenance.